November 1
Just In Time for the Holidays...

We have a rare weekend at home but no dust is settling on Gomberg International! The new warehouse construction is moving along, a trip to Japan is scheduled mid-week, and Susie's annual Surprise Birthday Trip is looming the beginning of December. Any guesses on where I take her this time??

I've spent the past two days re-organizing all of our line laundry pages. We had so many designs listed that pages were taking too long to load. I've now sorted them into several more sections and provided an updated index. Hope it all makes sense. If you find any broken links or typos, please let me know.

Meanwhile, we have new toys for your enjoyment, including Geoff Campbell's delightful bugs. Check them out and let me know what you think.


It's a Bug Invasion!! These irresistible inflatables suck air through side flaps and then quiver as the wind blows around them. Heavier bottom panels keep them from rolling over dead.

We have five sizes - so you can bug people as much as you want!
  • 2 foot - $20
  • 4 foot - $40
  • 6 foot - $75
  • 8 foot - $140
  • 10 foot - $240
  • Bouncing Bugs

    Click here for another view.

    Choose any colors you like and release a swarm onto your beach or lawn. Steady winds are needed to create shape, although the flaps self-seal to hold air in. The bugs are child-tolerant but are not designed to be kicked or jumped on.... Licensed & Protected Design by Geoff Campbell

    Exclamation Point

    Exclamation Point!

    In the design stages, we called this piece the "Trumpet". It looked to us like one of those noise makers you take to the ball game. But when we put the first one up in the sky, everyone yelled "Wow!!! Look at that!!!" And it soon became the Exclamation Point.

    Overall, the Points are 12 feet long. They come with a three-color tube and a single-color ball, but like anything else, we can make them however you like.

    Be emphatic with an Exclamation Point!! Your cost is just $25 each.

    Star Crown
    New Crown Pattern! The Giant Star!

    In addition to the traditional Diamond and Swirl, we have just released a new Crown design we call the Giant Star. Sizes are the same -- 26 and 13 feet. And of course, you can have any colors made that you like (or can convince your spouse to let you buy).

    Bols of this size usually cost around $1500. But now you can own one of these exclusive big pieces. And your cost is only $899 for the 8 meter or $550 for the "half-size" 4.0. Petzel swivels included.

    Star Tubes

    Star Tubes:

    Our single star tubes were such a hit, we decided to go one better and offer a longer tube with the same design. You get six inflatable stars spread over a fifty foot tube. Looks great when the wind is working all 36 points.

    We're pricing the Star Tubes to move at $60 each. Try making one, and you'll agree it is a great price! Licensed & Protected Design by S. Oswald

    Bat Drogue

    Flying Bats

    They are colorful, lightweight, and perhaps even a little bit weird. And they may be just the piece of line laundry you are looking for.

    • 2.5 feet - $20
    • 5 feet - $40
    • 8 feet - $100
    Our three-dimensional Bat Drogues are available in your choice of colors. Pick one up a swarm of three-or-more and save 20%.

    Starry Hand Drogue:

    Looking for cute -- in a Disney sort of way?? Let me give you a hand...

    These brightly colored drogues have a rainbow assortment of colors at their finger-tips and a couple to stars to sparkle. We make three sizes -- the two foot for $20, the five foot for $40, or the really big eight foot for $100. Build a stack or mix up custom colors on your line.

    Starry Hand

    Regular readers know what happens when we post new designs to the Update. We mark them down!!

    It is unusual to discount new product - especially at the end of the year. But our theory is that you'll buy a few and show them off to friends. And the friends will come looking for something after the sale is over. So that's the theory, anyway.

    Order any of these new designs by November 15, and we'll take another 20% off. Think of it as a pre-holiday sale.

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