November 14
The Curious Visions of Robert Trepanier

The Gombergs are enjoying another infrequent weekend at home. That means finishing up some new designs, waiting for the next major delivery, finalizing catalogs for the January Trade show, and watching construction of the new warehouse inch along. We have a new Peter Lynn Giant in the garage that we're aching to air out, but the sun isn't cooperating.

On December 5th, I'll be taking Susie on her annual Surprise Birthday Trip. Any guesses where this year??

Meanwhile, I thought you'd enjoy some photos of the Trepanier kite exhibit from the AKA Convention this year.

Trepanier Exhibit Trepanier Exhibit Trepanier Exhibit Trepanier Exhibit

Robert (pronounced row-bear) definitely has style. His haunting portraits are unlike anything else you will find in the sky. Some may even remind you of someone you know.

Trepanier Exhibit

Several years ago, I called Robert in Montreal and invited him to take part in the big Walt Disney kite show at EPCOT. "Do I have to paint happy faces?" he asked. "No" I answered, "but they probably wouldn't want Mickey Mouse done in your style..."

The AKA exhibit was a great success and Robert also received the Association's Lee Toy Award for kite art excellence. About 20 pieces were on display throughout the Seaside convention.

GKPI Is pleased to be one of the very few sources able to offer Trepanier kites for sale. Check our KiteMaster's Guild for more details.

Each piece is a unique, hand painted and dyed piece of art. Robert says they are expensive because they take time. Prices are difficult to quote because each one is different. Typically, a 5-7 foot edo is between $1000 and $1400. The smaller fighter kites sell for $225.

And no, he can't do one that is based on your mother-in-law...

Trepanier Exhibit

Susie's Birthday Sale -- Mega Sled Mark-Down

This is a special just for you regular Update Readers. Here's the deal. Between now and December 11, we're marking down our most popular sticked lifter.

The Mega sled is a huge 75 square feet of power. The normal price is a mere $175, but for the next few weeks, we'll slash that 20% down to just $140. You can check out all the details on our Big Lifter Pages. Order early for the best selection of colors.

Mega Sled

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