November 20
A Big New Kite from Peter Lynn

Big Fish

This is the hottest new kite to come from Peter Lynn in years! You've seen them in Dieppe and Bristol. You've seen them in Lincoln City and at AKA. We sell them as fast as we get them in! But we've got two new ones right now so it seemed a good time to showcase them in the Update.

Welcome to the new Peter Lynn Giant Fish!

The Flying Fish came out in late Fall, 2004. It is a true inflatable in the standard giant size configuration. Body length is about 60 feet with extended fin tubes adding another 30 feet to the overall impression. Each piece comes complete with a fish drogue for flight stability.

Launching works better with a Pilot, but I find the Fish performs well without one. And with the largest intake opening of any PL inflatable, it fills and deflates very quickly and in relatively light winds.

Fish Teeth Fish Lips

One interesting aspect of the Fish is you get a choice of mouth designs. Do you prefer the hungry carnivore look of the teeth covering the opening, or the botox look of swollen sucker lips?? You pay -- you choose! Buy a kite in your choice of colors and we'll make it either way.

Big Fish

I've been waiting two weeks for a break in the Oregon weather to take the Fish out for a photo fly. It has either been too wet, too high-tide, or too windless. But yesterday we had perfect weather on the beach. I set anchors, lofted a Pilot, and then clipped it into the lifter loop. In seconds, the huge kite filled the sky.

The Huff sisters, celebrating their mother's birthday, wandered up to ask questions and get their picture taken. I suggest the kite might make a good gift, but I don't think they took me seriously. But they did offer to help on the take-down. "Which of you is the strongest??", I asked.....

So the blue one has been sold, I have the green one (with lips) and a warm one (with teeth) on the way. Prices are the same as other giants -- $4200, less your discounts.

We expect to have a mid-size available around New Year.

Big Fish

Last Call for donations!

Thanks to all of your wonderful generosity, we have raised over $1000 for the CME bus project. We'll be making our presentation in December. If you'd like to be a part of it, we'll be taking pledges until the end of the month.

The Children of Kyalisha

As we explained before, the 'intellectually disabled' children supported by Cape Mental Health in Kyalisha live in unimaginable conditions. But with the help of the Association, they receive support, care and nutrition. Unfortunately, CMH has just lost one of the two buses they need to bring kids to the center each day.

What this means is that half the kids in need must be left at home. Their parents - usually a single parent - are forced to leave them alone while working. There are no other alternatives for transportation or special-needs care.

Our group was determined to help in some small way, and we invite you to be a part of this show of support from the kiting community.

If you can send a small check to GKPI, or authorize a deduction from your credit card, we'll forward the donations. We want to gather as many small contributors as possible. I'm sure our collection will not pay for a bus. But it will show the broader support that exists for this important program and surely draw significant local matching funds. Thank you.

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