December 5
Another December Adventure

We'll be leaving late Sunday on Susie's annual Surprise Birthday Trip. It is a small family tradition. Each year I drop a stupid amount of frequesnt flier miles to take her somewhere special. Check back next week for a full report and photos.

We'll be gone until December 10 but as always, will try to check email and phone messages as we go.

Meanwhile, I'd like to offer something special to you too. I have a handful of one-of-a-kind Guy Gosslin kites we picked up in France. And we've decided to mark them down 20% as a year end special

This larger Edo is ten inches tall.

It is hand-painted on washi paper and framed in the traditional manner. The larger bridle lines are hand-tied to smaller attachment lines connected to the bamboo spars.

The image is by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892) and portrays a Samurai playing a flute. You will appreciate the finely detailed kimono and the well imaged feet and hands.

The cost is $122 plus shipping. But we're dropping it temporarily to $98.

Click here to see the back side detail.

Large Edo

 hachijojima - fish

The next piece we offer is a traditional Hachijojima Kite from the area 400 kilometers south of Tokyo.

The Koi is a reproduction of a stamp by Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1861).

The kite is washi on bamboo, roughly nine inches tall. The cost is $84 each plus shipping. But the discounted price is now $65.

Gosselin is best known for his miniature reproductions of Western kites. This is actually quite surprising considering the quality of his Japanese-style painting. Take a look at the kite below and tell us which you like better.

Extended Cody

The Extended Wing Cody is a stylish and sophisticaed small showpiece. The extra sail section makes a huge difference in appearance.

This red Extended Wing was $74. But you can have it before the holidays for $59.Click here to see another view.

Another popular and unusual kite has been the Dondai. The elongated wings give the kite an "codyesque" appearance, but with a much more modern flair.

Each kite is constructed from one or two colors of spinnaker and includes a matching tail. The overall size is about 8 by 12 inches. Normal pricing is $55 but we're dropping that to $44 for this special promotion.

the dondai

So .... we've changed the phone message, checked our tickets and passports, and set the VCR for Survivor. As I said before, we'll try and check email while on the road. Think about where we might be heading, and check back next week for a full report.

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