December 20
Klaatu Barada Nikto

The Day the Earth Stood Still .... classic sci-fi! A gleaming flying saucer lands in Washington and out pops Michael Rennie and his loyal robot, Gort, to melt tanks and change the world for the better. Not bad for 1951!

Saucer on the Beach

Don't you wish you had a Saucer like that in your kite bag??

We've been waiting for a break in the weather to test the prototype of our new UFO Saucer.

They come in a five foot or ten foot version and we're thinking about bigger ones too. Choose your favorite "space" colors for major impact.

UFOs are configured to fly on a split bridle. They have a lifter loop on top of the dome, and a supporting line attached to the air-intake vent. But we found that in steady wind, they flew just fine off the two anchors with no Pilot at all!


The smaller Saucer is listed at just $50 with the larger one at $150. And as an introductory special, we'll take off 20% between now and New Year's Day.

Gorp Mobile

Of course, you remember how the movie ended. Klaatu (Rennie) warns earth that unless we stop the nuclear frenzy, which also endangers the rest of the universe, Gort will reduce the world to a burnt-out cinder. "The choice," declares Klaatu, "is yours."

Darn -- all I can offer you is a choice of colors.....

New Book of Kite Prints
from the Drachen Foundation!
Japanese Print Book

Need a last minute gift?? Here is a really good one! GKPI is pleased to offer the exquisite new Japanese Kite Print Book from the Drachen Foundation. This is a 230 page, full-color 'coffee table' book that also serves as a fine reference on the art of wood block prints. The hardcover text measures 10 by 12 inches.

"Japanese Kite Prints", by John Stevenson was announced at the AKA convention. We have a limited supply and will ship you one for the introductory price of $50.

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