December 27
Pillows, Flags, and Billboards

Our new GKPI Logo Kite from New Zealand arrived last week and I rushed down to beach to take pictures. But Wednesday there was no wind. Thursday the wind was perfect, the sky was blue and the tide was way out. I set anchors, popped up the kite and reached for my camera. Dead battery.

Three Blokes
NZ Kite Tour

So Friday I was back on the beach again. And again, it was a perfect winter afternoon with clear skies and no wind. But the sun was low in the western sky and like all kiters, I knew what to expect. As the sun sets, the land surface cools, and warmer air moves in to equalize temperatures. I figured I had 15 minutes to wait. So I stood there around a limp pile of fabric enjoying the gawks of holiday tourists. And exactly 15 minutes later, the wind arrived off the water and blew a smooth 7 mph straight down the beach. I launched the new kite with a satisfied smile.

We're still debating what to call this innovative Peter Lynn design. They are referred to as Pillows, Flags, or Billboards. And any of those names will work. The kite is shaped like a big, soft pillow. It works well dimensionally as a flag design. And with no keels and a large, un-interrupted canvass, it is perfect for logos, advertising graphics or commercial "billboard" images.

Billboards are available in two sizes - the huge 4 meter and the enormous 8 meter. They are constructed with "through-cords" rather then internal dividers so the kite is one large open cell. Similarly, we use bridles rather than keels. With a large drogue, the kite will fly steady and with tremendous lift. For added stability in gusty winds, a Pilot can be added to the lifter attachment point.

Peter Lynn Ltd applied for international patents on this revolutionary inflatable design in 2004.

Prices will of course depend on the complexity of your art work.

Generally the 4 meter billboard is about $2000 and the 8 meter around $4000. That could go up or down depending on what you are looking for.

Billboards, Pillows, or Flags are great for clubs, store displays, traveling exhibitions, or just waving the Stars and Stripes. Shoot us a copy of your art and we'll provide a quote.

USA Flag

USA Flag

Have you checked the Factory Outlet lately??

We have about half a dozen different feather banner designs in stock that I'd like to sell before we shift into the new warehouse. We've got them marked down 20%. But for update readers, I'll make that 25% if you call before next Monday night.

Just rememeber to mention the special Update Discount.

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