January 7
New Catalogs for 2005

On Sunday, Susie and I head off to Nevada for the annual Kite Trade Association Convention. We'll have six booths this year to better present our products to representatives from kite stores around the country.

For months we've been developing products, promotions, and plans for 2005. We'll unveil them next week to the "trade". But loyal readers like you don't need to wait! Here's a sneak-peek at our 2005 offerings.

G-Kite Catalog Premium  Catalog Banner  Catalog

You can download PDF versions of all of our catalogs. This includes our Windfeather banners and the entire G-Kite series. The Pro-Series catalog showcases most of our advanced line laundry and lifters, but not the really big stuff. And because we're constantly adding new inflatables, the catalog lags a bit behind the web page. But it still gives you something to print out and show your Mother-In-Law the week before your birthday....

Most of the new G-Kite designs are due in Oregon later in January. A few others will arrive in February. As they come available, we'll add them to our main retail pages.

Gotta go finish packing. Check back next week for a full report and photos of KTAI.

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