June 13
Hagaman Parafoils

A few months back, we mentioned that we have access to Hagaman Parafoils.

Those of you familiar with Doug Hagaman and his meticulous craftsmanship recognize these kites as the Rolls Royce of lifters. Following Doug's untimely death, the production of his parafoil design shifted from Washington State to Stan Swanson in Colorado.

Few of the kites are now seen on flying fields. Partly this is because of the price. "Hagaman's sell for $20 a square foot -- $1200 for a 60. But the other reason is that the kites are now almost exclusively being produced for scientific research. Hagaman's are used in the arctic for lifting instruments and radio antenna, and in the South Pacific for studying wind patterns.

Still , if you want the very best in your kite bag, we can get it for you. Just let us know your preferred colors and size.

Here are a few photos of Hagaman Lifters at work. As usual, you can click on any image for a better view.

Red Hagaman Yellow Hagaman Yellow Hagaman Red Hagaman

At the end of June, we are planning on the Northwest Sport Kite Championships in Long Beach Washington. Then we are off to Newport, Rhode Island for a great kite show hosted by the High Flyers Flight Company. See you out there soon!

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