January 30, 2005
Surprise Announcement

The response to our Super Trade Show Sample Sale last week was overwhelming. A few of the items where we had multiple units are still available. But everything else sold! If you are looking for a deal, take another look at last week's Update. This is like a garage sale -- better deals at the end of the day! I'm extending the sale through Wednesday and then we put what we have left back on the shelf.

Thursday we fly out to Madison for Kite on Ice. This will be our seventh visit to the frozen lakes of Wisconsin and we're looking forward to another great time. Sub-zero kite flying is a bit of a shock to our system, but the show, the fliers, and the crowds in Madison make it one of the great American kite events. The welcome is always warm, even if the weather isn't.

Unfortunately, I have to leave early this year. And that's the 'surprise announcement' I wanted to share.


Gomberg Kite Productions has been invited to present a kite show at the Super Bowl next Sunday.

We're not exactly inside the stadium, but rather at the entrance to the park in the middle of the "VIP TailGate Party". Jim and Kat Martin, Mike and Judy Agner, Jason Benedict, and I will be down there flying large inflatables for the crowd and for the media.

Considering that advertising during the televised game goes for $2 million for a 30 second spot, this is a great opportunity to promote modern kiting. We're excited!!

This wasn't an easy gig to get. Each of us has completed security and insurance screening. The flying space is tight. And then there was the challenge of getting transportation and lodging in Jacksonville where everything is sold out.

I'm actually flying out of Madison Saturday night and arriving in Florida at Midnight. We're at the park for set-up at nine and fly all afternoon.

Susie will remain in Wisconsin and keep our show in the air Sunday. And then I'll leave Florida early Monday to catch up with Susie in Chicago Monday for the trip home.

They're so new we don't even have them on the web page yet. But our new 16 foot Magic Deltas are awesome!


We start with the radian sail pattern in some unique and dramatic colors. Choose Rainbow (with black accents), Moonglow (light and dark blue), Desert (yellow, red, and black), or Sunrise (red and orange).

Then we outfit each kite with heavy-duty framing, elastic spar connectors for quick assembly, and a open keel for stability in gusty winds. This is a big kite -- seven feet tall and sixteen wide.

Want to be the first to fly one?? The list price is $199 but through Valentine’s Day, we'll drop that 20% to just $160. Just don't call Sunday. We'll be flying kites in two different states!

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