February 21
Under Construction

Our friends in New Zealand are wearing out sewing machines to finish up our newest acquisition. And when it gets here, it is going to need a really, really big bag!


Regular readers have heard rumors of the Mega Flag. It is an astounding 10,400 square feet -- the largest kite in the world!

The prototype was made for the Al-Farsi family in Kuwait and was scheduled to be authenticated by the Guinness Book this week. Our American Flag is the second of this very limited series.

We are anticipating delivery in March.

Making a kite like this is a fascinating process. The body requires over a mile of fabric and each star is about four feet tall. The entire Peter Lynn Crew is involved.

Construction Construction Construction

Flying will also take some special skills. The kite weighs 500 pounds and is supported on 20 ton flying line. A "Flight and Safety" team organizes each performance which also requires ten volunteer workers. We also need a designated flying area and a dump truck or tanker for an anchor.

Construction Construction Construction

The kite measures 130 by 82 feet when flat on the ground uninflated. It measures over 9,000 square feet when inflated and flying with a 25 foot ceiling inside the kite. Here's an overview of the specifications.

  • Over 10,000 square foot when stretched flat
  • 9,000 square foot lifting surface when flying
  • 130 feet wide x 82 feet high
  • 25-foot ceilings inside the kite
  • Weighs 500 pounds
  • Flown on 20 ton line
  • Over a mile of nylon fabric
  • Could hold two dozen full-sized School Busses
  • Each Star on the flag kite is over four feet tall
  • USA Flag KITE
    Smaller prototype of the USA Flag Kite

    We've already got two bookings and are actively seeking more. The Mega flag exhibitions are designed for airshows, sporting events, county fairs, and other special events - -especially large kite festivals. For additional details, check out our Big Kite Pages.

    Herald Square

    The 11 Foot Shazam is a big, lightweight deltaa designed for those warm, swirly lightwinds days.

    Deltas are constructed with a semi-flexible frame which adjusts to different conditions and results in stable and reliable performance. This delta is 11 feet wide and 5 feet tall.

    We used lightweight spars for lower wind flying, and added a trailing edge stabilizer. Three connection points allow for lots of laundry or tails.

    Choose the warm or cool version. List price is $75 but through March 10, we'll sell you one for $60. For more details, check our G-Kites pages.

    Herald Square

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