March 8
Postponed in Austin

Friday night we called Austin. We were scheduled to fly out to the 77th Annual Zilker Park Festival the next morning and the forecast didn't look good. We wondered if we should scrub the trip.

Our organizer friends sounded disheartened. But no, they said. The parks Departments was committed to going forward. So at four a.m., we got up and went to the airport.

We were going through security when my cell phone rang. I grabbed it back from the x-ray belt and answered. It was Austin calling. Rain had set in and the event was postponed. But we had already checked bags and picked up boarding passes. The flight was leaving in 20 minutes. We were coming.....

Zilker Party Zilker Party Zilker Party

And of course, we were not the only kiters on the way to Austin. Folks were in town from throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and even Colorado. "Find us a dry room and order some pizza" I suggested. "We're kiters. We'll have a fine time!"

So that's exactly what we did. We ate, swapped stories, looked at kites, and even ventured out to the parking lot to play with a fighter occasionally. Sure, flying would have been more fun. But for once we actually got to talk with the other folks without keeping one eye on anchors or the wind.

Right on que, the sun popped out as we were headed to the airport to fly home Monday. Zilker Park is back on schedule for next Sunday. But we'll be down in Yucca Valley.

So far this year, we've had wet kites at Madison, wet kites at Jacksonville, and wet kites at Austin. I'm starting to get a complex....

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