March 28
Lincoln City Indoor

Many events around the country are incorporating indoor flying as part of their program. But very few have organized indoor-only activites, and fewer still have gone to a multi-day format.

Lincoln City, here on the Oregon Coast has a winner with their four day Indoor Festival that incorporates flying, competition, workshops, demonstrations, kids programs, and a extravaganza performance program.

Indoor Flying Indoor Flying Indoor Flying

For those of you not familiar with indoor flying, you use ultra-efficient, and ultra-lightweight kites. Instead of wind, the performer simply walks backward controlling the kite with smooth, controlled hand movements. With practice, you can do a variety of tricks and maneuvers.

Indoor Flying Indoor Flying Indoor Flying

An indoor show will incorporate music, costumes and story-themes into a performance.

Indoor Flying Indoor Flying Indoor Flying

With four days scheduled, Lincoln City offered plenty of time for experienced flied to hone their skills in a large auditorium, while new fliers learned the basics next door.

Indoor Flying Indoor Flying Indoor Flying

Scheduled performers included Lee and Debbie Park, Lam Hoac, Penny Ligenfelter, Wayne Turner, Jerry Cannon, Scott Davis, John Baressi, and Paul deBakker. But plenty of other folks showed up to learn, teach, and show.

Indoor Flying Indoor Flying Indoor Flying Indoor Flying

Lincoln City has a good thing going with the indoor festival. It was windy and raining outside, but the lines were dry in the big auditorium and most of the stadium seats were filled. Next year we hope to see lots more people make the trip to the Oregon Coast in March.

Indoor Flying Indoor Flying

Of course, we've also got the World Sport Kite Championships coming up here in June. Check out for more details.

Indoor Flying

Susie and I are off to Colorado next weekend where we join the local fliers for a Kite Month event on Saturday, and then help Into the Wind celebrate their 25th Anniversary on Sunday. Hope to see some of you there!

The Peter Lynn Sale!

Hey! It's National Kite Month. What better way to celebrate than marking down some cool kites!!

Each week in April, we'll discount one of the Peter Lynn inflatables by 20%. You get a ten day "window" and then we switch to a different kite. For starters, we're offering the 25 foot Gecko. Normal price is $450 but between now and April 8, you pay just $360. That's $90 off and you get to choose the colors! For more details, check our Unique Inflatable pages.

Mini Gecko

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