June 20
Northwest Sport Kite Championships -- and a New Kite!

Gomberg Garden

I'm just back from the largest sport kite competition in this part of the country -- the Northwest Sport Kite Championship. I won't go into all the details except to say that the beach was huge, the flying spectacular, and the weather -- variable. I came home with both a sunburn and a cold...

As luck would have it, we received a box on Thursday from New Zealand. It was our new Giant Squid. So I packed it off to Long Beach and popped it up into a patch of blue sky.

You may recall that the original Squid prototype now belongs to Jack Rogers. This is the first production model and is smaller and shaped differently. Can't make up your mind between a Giant Ray, Trilobite, or Octopus. Maybe the Squid is for you. It incorporates design elements from each.

The Giant Squid measures a full 90 feet and sells for $4200. It is made exclusively for GKPI by Peter Lynn. Let us know what you think -- and how many you would like....


We'll be bringing the new Squid to Newport in a week. meanwhile, check back with us in the next few days. We'll be adding Dragons, Frogs, and Caterpillars by Cheryl Gleckner to our KiteMasters Guild.

Looking for a weekly special?? We have a couple of the very cool American Flag and Eagle banners in stock. Check them out on our Banner Page. If you want one for the Fourth, let us know and we'll take 10% off. Come to think of it, if you call before next weekend, we'll take 10% off any of the banners we have in stock. Right now that includes the Monarch, Flamingos, Parrot, Stars & Bars, RWB Eagle, Kites, and Open signs.

See you in Newport next...

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