April 5
25 Year Celebration

25 Years

Susan and I are just back from Boulder Colorado where we were privileged to participate in the 25th Anniversary Celebration of Into the Wind.

For a quarter of a century, the kite store on Pearl Street has set the standard for service, innovation, and progressive marketing. Their catalog has won awards year-after-year, practically serving as an industry-wide resource directory. Their web page and newsletters have been cutting edge.

It was exciting to be there and help honor a company and team that has done so much for kiting.

Into the Wind has just completed a major re-model -- moving their administrative offices upstairs and doubling the retail floorspace. The store sparkels with light and color, and is buzzing with customers.

ITTW Store ITTW Store ITTW Store

We started the weekend with a visit to Arvada where the Foothills Kite Club was working with the City Festivals Commission. This was their third annual Kite Flying Fling. It was held in a large community park and drew fliers from across the state for fun flying, kid's competition, and demonstrations by AKA members. Banner displays ringed the park so that a show was evident even when the wind was not.

Arvada Kite Fling Arvada Kite Fling Arvada Kite Fling

Saturday night, Go Fly hosted a party for store staff and friends. A highlight was the unveiling of a kite made by master-craftsman Randy Tom. Each section of the piece featured an appliqued image of an Into the Wind Catalog cover from the past five years.

Anniversary Kite Anniversary Kite Anniversary Kite Anniversary Kite

Sunday we headed for the Bolder Open Spaces for a public fly. Winds were light, which hampered the big show we had hoped for. But a fine group of fliers gathered and managed to loft some impressive kites into the gusty Colorado breezes. And even if the sky wasn't full of kites, the vista was amazing.

Boulder Open Space Boulder Open Space Boulder Open Space
Boulder Open Space Boulder Open Space Boulder Open Space Boulder Open Space

We also took time to drop by the Dairy Center for the Arts which featured a wonderful exhibit of kites by George Peters and Melanie Walker. George and Melanie have not been as active on the international kite scene lately, but have been doing great things in Boulder.

Peters Exhibit Peters Exhibit Peters Exhibit Peters Exhibit

We were surprised to discover that they had designed the graphics and interior displays in our hotel, and more important, had been selected by the city to develop artistic underpasses, mosaics, and a huge new retaining wall along the highway which is still under construction.

Peter Public Works Indoor Flying

George is still George. When I complemented his underpass, he replied "My underpants??". But with so many public projects around the city, George and Melanie may soon be to Boulder what Gaudi is to Barcelona. I mentioned this to the pair over dinner and they laughed. No cathedrals are on the drawing boards.

Rest when you can...

Monday night we were back in the Oregon office banging out orders for shipment on Tuesday.

Thursday I leave for France. I'll be back a mere 36 hours next weekend before flying to China.

Susie is staffing the office and shipments are all on schedule. But give her a break! If you have a question or order, email me and I'll get right back to you.

Meanwhile, I'm resting when I can. The next few weeks are going to be awfully busy...

The Peter Lynn Sale!

Hey! It's National Kite Month. What better way to celebrate than marking down some cool kites!!

Each week in April, we'll discount one of the Peter Lynn inflatables by 20%. You get a ten day "window" and then we switch to a different kite. This week, we're offering the 20 foot Ray. Normal price is $400 but between now and April 15, you pay just $320. That's $80 off and you get to choose the colors! For more details, check our Unique Inflatable pages.

Mini Gecko

Here's some more good news. We're shipping more volume these days which means we are able to reduce shipping rates on most orders by about 20% That's going to add up over time for you.

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