April 17 (I think)
More News from Berck

The ten day festival in Berck sur Mer remains one of the premier kite gatherings on the European circuit. It seems you never know who you will see or what will appear in the air.

Berck Kites Berck Kites Berck Kites

That said, I have to tell you that this 19th Berck gathering was not the best. The people were still wonderful, but a cold rain set in Monday morning and didn't leave until the following Friday night. The weather left plenty of time for sharing ideas and camaraderie in the beer tent, but limited the sky show to the sunny weekends.

Berck Kites Berck Kites Berck Kites Berck Kites

And I even missed half of that this year! Commitments in Weifang meant I had to leave Berck at 6 a.m. Saturday morning.

Berck Kites Berck Kites Berck Kites Berck Kites

But the one good weekend I enjoyed was absolutely amazing. A half mile of wide beach was saturated with flying creatures, ground displays, sport kite shows, and floating fabric.

Art Kites Art Kites Art Kites Art Kites

The flight to Oregon was cramped and fidgety. When I finally touched down, the Immigration Agents asked "How are you today?". "Tell me what day it is and I'll tell you how it has been." I smiled back....

Berck Kites Berck Kites Berck Kites

I'm now home for a day and flying out to China first thing in the morning. Yes, I am a bit tired. But I'm sure the spectacle of Weifang will jolt me awake when I get there.

Berck Kites Berck Kites Berck Kites Berck Kites

Susie is staffing the office and shipments are all on schedule. But give her a break! If you have a question or order, email me and I'll get right back to you.

The Peter Lynn Sale!

Hey! It's National Kite Month. What better way to celebrate than marking down some cool kites!!

Each week in April, we'll discount one of the Peter Lynn inflatables by 20%. You get a ten day "window" and then we switch to a different kite. This week, we're offering the 20 foot Trilobite. Normal price is $450 but between now and April 21, you pay just $360. That's $90 off and you get to choose the colors! For more details, check our Unique Inflatable pages.

Mini Trilobite

Here's some more good news. We're shipping more volume these days which means we are able to reduce shipping rates on most orders by about 20% That's going to add up over time for you.

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