May 2
Wacky Winds in Ocean City

There was a moment Saturday morning when we were all sitting on the small walkway that runs out onto the beach.

The group included Kevin and Cinda Shannon, Tim Maruczack, Fran and Mary Gramkowski, Mike Agner, Allan Robb and myself.

It looked like the Gray Panthers Kite Squadron...

Old Kiters

Banner Eating Cat

Rain had been forecast off-and on for the Maryland International Kite Expo. But fortunately, the "on" part came at night, leaving the flying hours fairly dry.

That didn't keep the breezes from gusting up and down or blowing in from the worst possible direction over the hotels. But we put big kites in the air and then spend our days relaunching them or pulling them out of the banner displays.

Further down the beach, a variety of single line kites rose high into the smoother breezes. A kitemaking competition struggled to show how the best kites could fly in the worst winds. And rokkaku fighters ran in circles fighting gusts and gaps as well as each other. At night, we gathered in the bar to laugh off the day's adventure.

Big Kites Big Kites Big Kites

Unscathed by the challenging conditions were banner displays which stretched the length of the festival site.

OC Banners OC Banners OC Banners

Clubs and teams set up flags and Kurt Lisk of Windfeather brought his huge "Aire" display.

OC Banners

The wind reversed the banner images, and at one point, a woman rushed up to Kurt and exclaimed that if he just switched two flags, it would create a woman's face. "I don't know", replied Kurt. "These are all numbered and I was told to put them up in order." "But there is a face there!!" the woman persisted. Kurt stepped back and looked the display over. "I just don't see it...." he said.

Kurt is planning the second of his four-part display to be unveiled in Lincoln City in June.


The "MIKE" festival is anchored by sport kite competitions which are among the best and biggest of the Eastern League. Fliers braved the gusty winds to compete on the same fields where later this fall, the AKA National Convention will return to Ocean City.

Wonder what is going on in this pic?? The judges are using pencils to evaluate straight flight and turns.

Susie and I are off again Thursday for a kite flier wedding in Rehoboth Beach -- just a few miles from Ocean City. Wish me luck! I'm not sure I can navigate an airport without 200 pounds of gear!!

Meanwhile, our associate, Jim Martin is in New Zealand to flight test our Mega Flag and then bring it home. We'll have photos and news for you very, very soon.

We're selling lots of Suttons these days and the most popular color combination is the traditional rainbow. But we're also getting questons about standard rainbow versus rainbow with black accents.

Since both styles were in the sky over Ocean City, I thought I show you a comparison.

Check out all the Sutton sizes and prices on our Lifter and Pilot pages.


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