May 10
Rachel and Jeff and Some New Kites Too!

Susie and I are just back from a fine weekend celebrating the wedding of Rachel Hughes and Jeff Farro. Many of you know Rachel as the "Kite Gal" Co-Owner of Rehoboth Kite and Toy.

It was a fine wedding.

We drank a large quantity of several different alcoholic beverages, ate well, danced late into the evening, and when it was over (and the alcohol had worn off), I got to drive the bride to her hotel. I also got to bring her groom and my wife along.

Bride and Buddies

Our base was the luxurious Boardwalk Plaza Hotel. Susie refused to tell me what it cost, but the smile on her face was worth the price -- whatever it was. Besides, you know you've chosen the right lodging when you see the bell captain going home a the end of his shift with a Prism Quantum pro under his arm.

Boardwalk Plaza Boardwalk Plaza Boardwalk Plaza
Farro/Hughes Wedding Farro/Hughes Wedding Farro/Hughes Wedding

Sunday afternoon, we flew back to Oregon to begin processing spring shipments to the kite stores. A large new delivery had come in the day before we left and anxious retailers were waiting for the newest kites.

Here's a look at what we have. Buy them locally or order from us. And to get a few pieces in the sky where other potential fliers can see them, we'll follow our usual Update practice of a ten-day new product markdown! Buy any of these cool new kites between now and May 20 and we'll take 20% off.

Geometric Pyro

Geometric Pyro A bold new design by Franck Schwiemann and Christine Schwarting -- the Geometric Pyro combines ease of flight with affordability.

The wing is 7 feet wide with 21 foot flowing tails. Ripstop sails and taffeta tails are engineered for minimal tail wrap! Choose from three great color combinations. Comes complete with a fabric bag.

Geometric Pyros are priced at $70 each.

Geometric Pyro

Rokkaku Take a new look at this classic fighting kite of Japan. The stability of this modern Rokkau makes it great for fun flying, lifting, or fighting.

The ripstop and fiberglass design is 5.5 feet tall and 4.5 feet wide. Comes complete with a fighting and tuning guide for just $50 each!

We have ten colors available. Choose red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, fuscia, cyan, neon orange, or neon green. Pick up a set and plan your own battle. Order five or more, and we'll include the fighting line for free!


Fish Pyro You have seen the Schwiemann Fish Pyro before. But you haven't seen the new improved one he licensed to GKPI!!

Fish Pyro

Ripstop sails and taffeta tails are engineered for minimal tail wrap! And we've eliminated that ugly extended cross spar and replaced it with a molded fitting. Click here for a comparison of the old and new Fish.

Choose a warm or cool colored Fish. Your cost is just $80 including the bag.

Fish Pyro

Pocket Sleds Perfect for spontaneous flying, this sparless sled folds down to just six square inches including line, tail, and handle. Stow one in your backpack or lunch box so you'll be ready when the wind tempts you.

We're offering two different styles of this 20 by 20 inch flier. Choose rainbow with black, or the "X" Foil in red, purple, or yellow with black and white accents. For $12, you just can't beat it!

Pocket Sled

French Military Designed over 100 years ago by American Silas Conyne, French Military kites combine the best elements of a Diamond for stability and a Box for lift. We use all fiberglass and ripstop for durability and long-lasting bright colors.

  • The classic Single is 3.5 feet tall with a single tail section. Choose red, yellow, blue, or purple -- each with black accents.
    French Military
  • The powerful Double is 6 feet wide and 3.5 tall with a 9 foot 'octopus' tail. Pick up one in warm, cool, or rainbow - each with black accents.
    French Military
French Military

The Conyne kites proved so dependable that they were adapted by the French Military. You can depend on one too! The Double is $54 and the single just $25. Stack up the singles for a hard-pulling show!

So that is the news for this week. New product is getting shipped to stores at a furious paces and the kites look great.

We think it is big news. But come back next week and we'll have some really big news.

In fact, next week's news will be the biggest in the world....

Mega Flag

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