June 6
Ocean Shores or Bust

The plan was to drive up to Ocean Shores Friday night and enjoy a fine weekend of flying with the folks from Cutting Edge. That was the plan. So we started early on Friday to get in a full day of work, packed the van, and pulled out about 3 in the afternoon. That got us to Astoria in time for a nice dinner and then we crossed the Columbia into Washington State.

About half an hour later, the engine started to hesitate and then lose power. We pulled off the road on a desolate, wooded stretch of Highway 101 and hoped that the cell phone would work.

Broken Down
Two and a half hours later, the AAA Tow Truck arrived. We quickly decided that going home was a better prospect than an undetermined wait in a small town with an unfamiliar mechanic.

By 11 p.m., the van was loaded. Susie grabbed her pillow and we started the long, bumpy, cold trip home in the cab of a flat-bed tow-truck. Susie straddled the gear shift and made small talk with the driver. I shivered and pretended to sleep. By 4 a.m., the van was at our service shop and we were in bed. Ocean Shores would have to wait.

Loaded and Leaving Loaded and Leaving

On the other hand, isn't it great to have a wife that gets up early, works eight hours, sits in a car for three, stands by the side of the road for two, and still looks great when the tow-truck arrives....

Monday morning, the pictures started arriving. Sure -- rub salt in our wounds! We're at home nursing a broken fuel pump, and you all have a perfect flying day....

What we missed... What we missed... What we missed...

What we missed... What we missed... What we missed...

Friday, Susie and I fly off to Dallas for the first flight of the Mega Flag. We're excited!! The kite is being driven in from North Carolina by Flight and Safety Captain Jim Martin. He'll also be bringing the new GKPI travel trailer which we have paid for but never seen.

We're looking for other show opportunities. So if you know a venue willing to pay the costs and appearance fee, let us know. Because we have a flag kite, a trailer, and a fuel pump to pay for....

See you out there!! (Cool photos courtesey of Mark Clear.)

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