June 30
Two Additions to the Guild.

Last week we announced that we'd be adding Dragons, Frogs, and Caterpillars by Cheryl Gleckner to our KiteMasters Guild. This week we have another surprise.

Check out the amaizing kites of Martin Blais! We've been flying with Martin down in Miami each Spring. Now we are delighted to add his unique desings to our repetoire. His inflatables are fanstatic, but we think his painted kites will be a real hit. And we'll continue to look for cool stuff you can't buy in stores for our our KiteMasters Guild.

Painted Roks The Sweenie Painted Roks

The Weekly Special: Let's see. What should we put on sale this week?

We have a great selection of our Baskets and Parachutes. If you call or email us before July 12, we'll tale 20% off the normal price. But you have to remember to ask for the discount!

Right now, we have our 10 foot Baskets in black and white, purple and white, red and black, burgundy and white, and yellow and black.

We have Parachutes in warm (red/orange/yellow), cool (green/blue/purple), patriot (red/white/blue), Chinese rainbow (red/white/green/gold) and contrast (black and white).

Susie and I are off to Newport on Thursday and will be out of the office until July 14. But we check email and phone messages daily. And if you see someone carrying computers and desks out the door, please jot down a license plate for us. Thanks!

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