June 19
Pilot - Super Size

We've just received the first of our new Super Size Pilots so I ran it down to the beach for a test flght. What an experience!!

These new kites measure a whopping 11.5 by 12 feet and pull like an elephant at the end of your line.

The Giant Pilot will be good for lifting larger Spinsocks, heavy line laundry, or for just staking a larger claim in the sky. The force generated by this larger lifter was in the same range as a Sutton 252.

Giant Pilot
Pilot comparisons

Unless you have flown all three, it is difficult to compare the three Pilot sizes we now offer.

To help a bit, I tried lofting each on the same length of line and then taking photos from the same position. Here's the results.

The Pilot 150 is now available for orders in your choice of colors and in any of our Pilot patterns. We've priced it at $525. But if you order before the end of July, we'll drop prices 20%

Competitors for the World Sport Kite Championships are scheduled to arrive here in town today. Actually the Germans and Japanese showed up on Friday and have been wowing tourists with their practice routines out on the beach. We have 15 teams from Europe, Asia, the USA, and South America. Competition starts Tuesday at noon with the official Welcome Party at our house that evening.

We'll try and get reports posted as activities unfold.

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