July 12
Three Cool New Things

Wilson Wing - a GKPI Exclusive:

Eric Wilson's "TetraFoil Flier" was the rave at Long Beach last year. He won top prizes for design as well as People's Choice. So we were delighted when he asked us to make a production model of the same kite.

We've re-named the kite the Wilson Wing and crafted it from durable ripstop and carbon framing.

The price? Just $90.

Wilson Wing

Each Wilson is nine feet wide and about five tall. Adjustable lines from the body support the wing on a rigid spreader. You tune by adjusting the wing with a unique tension system built into the fusilage. And at the end of the day, the kite breaks fown into a five foot bag.

Wilson Wing Wilson Wing Wilson Wing

We've made eleven different color combinations to suit any mood.

  • A- Signature: black - white - red
  • B - Tsunami: black - blue - violet
  • C - Lightening: black - black - gold
  • D - Storm: black - black - purple
  • E - Sea Foam: black - blue - light blue
  • F - Golden Eagle: black - gold - black
  • G - Inspiration: black - blue - black
  • H - Eye-Liner: black - purple - white
  • I - Spandex: black - teal - white
  • J - Slot Machine: black - gold - white
  • K - Fireworks: blue - white - red
  • Wilson Wing Colors

    The Best Wind Chimes -- and on sale too!

    In Austin this year, I discovered a set of amazing wind chimes. They were good looking, had amazing tone, and came in a variety of "sound styles". Wind I thought. Wind chimes -- wind kites - wind people. Maybe we can sell these....

    The company is called Music of the Spheres and to get things started, we are offering discounted prices.

    The Chimes come in six sizes, which is the same as saying pitch ranges. The larger chimes have a lower pitch and smaller chimes have a higher pitch. Each size is designed so that their pitch ranges overlap and complement each other.


    Chimes are black, powder-coated, aluminum alloy tubing and are fully guaranteed for durability.

    We've detailed below the different sizes and prices. Click on a link to listen to the cool tones! Each size actually comes in ten different musical combinations. To see the entire range, along with more details on materials and usego to http://www.musicofspheres.com/

    Extend Wing Cody War Kite: This is absolutely the finest Cody Kite on the commercial market. Originally made in Germany, these stunning kites by Lutz Treczoks are now produced in China. That means the price is half what it we previously sold them for.

    Cody Kites

    The extended wing War Kite with a top sail is the premier kite of its genre.

    As the name suggests, the wings are longer and the added third "deck" provides more stability as well as an opportunity to use a contrasting sail color.

    Carbon framed with vertical tensioners and multiple support lines, each kite is 102 inches wide and 47 tall.

    GKPI has five exclusive color choices available -- priced at $215 each.
    • Red with Black topsail - 9 pieces
    • Yellow with Black topsail - 5 pieces
    • Blue with Black topsail - 5 pieces
    • Purple with Black topsail - 5 pieces
    • Black with Red topsail - 5 pieces

    And so friends, that's the news for this week. We are spending a few days at home catching up, and shuffling lots of good stuff off to the Factory Outlet. Next week we are off to Dodgeville in Wisconsin next weekend. See you out there!

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