July 20
Welcome to Wisconsin

We're just back from a wild weekend in Wisconsin. We flew out on Friday, and came home on Monday and had nothing but fun in between.

Ok -- so it was 100 degrees and we had no wind Saturday. But we were there with great friends, good food, and plenty of drinking water and kites to talk about. So why worry about an occasional dust-devil??


First Launch

This was the Tenth Anniversary of the Wisconsin Kiters and the Third Annual Kite Round-Up in Dodgeville. A huge grassy field was laid out with room for large kites on one side, sport kite demos on the other, and ground displays at the edge. Inside the adjacent pavilion, kids made kites and flew them in the turbulence of large fans.

Fliers came in from Illinois, Iowa, and as far away as North Dakota. And we were from Oregon, but most of the non-kiters we met thought we were talking about Oregon Illinois.

I'll admit that we struggled on Saturday. Winds were light and gusty. We tried lifters, running, and long-lining. Mike Gee stretched out 300 feet of line and coaxed his Sutton into the air. Five minutes later he had reeled it back to the ground.

Sunday Flying Sunday Flying Sunday Flying Sunday Flying Sunday Flying

The sport kite show had the best performance luck. Gerry Houk buzzed an inflatable airplane across the field and a few Owls managed to briefly get off the ground

No Wind No Wind No Wind No Wind

Saturday night we enjoyed a festival Wisconsin barbecue with a Cowboy and Indian theme. Past presidents of the Wisconsin Kiters Club gathered to cut a birthday cake.

BBQ Party BBQ Party BBQ Party

Being from the Pacific Shore, I never really thought of Wisconsin as the wild west. But I got educated quickly. And Susie and I got to be the Indians!

Sunday the Dodgeville winds improved and the big kites went up. Al Sparling, Larry Day, and Bob Rymaszewski filled the sky with an aquatic themed show. We added out string of fish and tested out the new 20 foot Flying Saucer.

By noon, people were starting to pack for the long trips home. By four, you wouldn't have known there was a kite festival there at all expect for the few kids wandering around with new paper kites and big smiles.


Thank you Dodgeville for a great visit! The Gomberg's have a weekend at home to try and get caught up with shipping, new product testing, and a few household chores (like having the house painted). Then we are off to Berkeley and the annual Octo-Pile. See you there!!


Our 11 foot Shazam Deltais a big, lightweight delta designed for zero per cent frustration and 100% fun! We used lightweight spars for lower wind flying, and added a trailing edge stabilizer. Three connection points allow for lots of laundry or tails.

Choose Cool or Warm colors. The normal price is $75 but order one before the end of July and we'll take off 20%. That's just $60 for a really cool -- or a really warm delta.

Shazam Delta

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