July 25
A Hefty New Inflatable!

Don't let the photo deceive you on scale. This great new foil is 13 feet wide and 25 feet long! He's as big as the real ones! Trust me. I know.

Designed by Pedro and Esteban Gonzalez of Spain, "Packy" is the first in a series of new inflatables planned for the next twelve months.

He's completel;y soft, fully inflatable and performs with or without a lifter. Choose your colors and we'll make one up for you. The price?? $550. And let me say it again -- 13 feet wide. This is a good sized kite!

On Friday, Susan and I are off to Berkely to fly big stuff at the edge of San Fancisco Bay. If you order before we get back on August 2, we'll take off 20% and sell you "Packy" for $440.


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