July 10
Tragedy in Newport Rhode Island

Ok - Ok --- You are going to hear the rumors, and snickers, and bad jokes anyway. You might as well hear them from me...

Yes, it is true that I suffered a Rokkaku Battle related injury in Newport, twisted my ankle while trying to retrieve my kite in the undergrowth, and suffered a bad strain. For a moment, I was worried that it was actually broken, and that I would have to lie in the bush until the end of the day when they turned off the sound system and someone could hear me moaning. But I limped out of the woods and quickly became the center of attention. And it is good to know that my suffering gives so many friends so much entertainment...;)

Don't worry, the swelling has gone down a bit overnight, and it only hurts when Susie talks about going shopping. Oh, and I took second place losing by just one point to a flier half my age...

Seriously, Newport was fantastic. Steve Santos and Sue Moskowitz run one classy event. The venue at the edge of the water provice stunning scenery and clean winds. We did sport kite contests, big kite shows, kitemaking, fighter kites, and of course, the rok battle too..

Newport Field

Beautiful kites filed the air all weekend.

Skul Kite by Rich Michna Cody Launch Tana Haynes & Steve Santos Fly

The Gomberg Show (other than watching my foot turn blue) included a Trilobite, Fugu, Crowns, Parachutes, and the new Squid. But since many of our best customers are from the area, the sky was littered with GKPI product. And that always makes us feel good.

Blue Octo Raptor and Snakes Banners and Genki

Looking for a weekly special?? One of the kites we flew was a brand new mid-sized our Peter Lynn Octopus. The normal price on this beauty is $1750. But if you order it before the end of July, we'll l take $200 off. And remember - only flown once.

Another thing we thought looked very cool was this 20 foot Joel Scholz Raptor Delta and a set of our 100 foot Snake Tails. See how things go together? We did the same with our Super Genki and 60 foot Snakes.

So we are taking a few days on the East Coast -- first visiting Jon and Karen Burkhardt in Nonquit, and then over to the Cape to se Jack and Brenda Rogers. Our next kite stop is Berkeley at the end of the month. See you there!!

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