August 29, 2005
Annual Show Kite Sale

Once a year, we mark down our Show Kite inventory. These are kites we've performed with for the last few months. Some have been flown more than others, but all are in excellent condition and guaranteed to be undamaged and unfaded (unless otherwise noted). If you aren't satisfied with the kite -- for the price - we'll absolutely take it back.

Prices noted are good through September 2005. Here's a look at what we have.

Giant Ray

Probably the best flier of the large inflatables. Works best with a lifter but will fly alone. Use it to anchor a giant kite stack!

32 x 97 feet. Normally $4200. On sale for $3500.

Manta Ray

Giant Cat

Always a major crowd pleaser. A unique bridle system holds all four feet in optimal position. Very large volume.

40 feet long -- plus tail. Normally $4200. On sale for $3600.

Peter Lynn Kitty

Giant Penguin

A very cool kite. Seriously! Flies remarkably well for the size and shape. Makes a nice display with a Giant Cat too.

36 x 16 feet. Normally $3250. On sale for $2700.

Peter Lynn Penguin

Giant Gecko

A classic kite -- and our trademark showpiece

32 x 91 feet. Normally $5000. On sale for $3500.

Giant Gecko

Giant Octopus

Our most popular giant kite! Fly him alone or join an Octo-Pile.

We have two pieces available -- a red one or a yellow.

88 x 18 feet. Normally $4200. On sale for $3700.

Giant Octopus

Giant Bear

Ultimate rating on the cute scale.

We've got a well-loved bear in purple. Available now to come and play with you!

40 feet tall plus drogue. Normally $4200. On sale for $3700.

Flying Teddy

Mid-Sized Fish and Turtle

Both have suffered a few small tears that can easily be repaired. Both are red, orange, and gold. Both are exceptional showpieces!

The Fish is 30 by 15 feet. Normally $1000. On sale for $800.

The Turtle is 16 x 8 feet. Normally $1400. On sale for $900.

Big Fish

Mid-Sized Gecko

We've got three of them. Buy one or a whole swarm. The price is right!

Iíll have to dig into the bag to be sure, but I believe we have a red one, a blue one, and a black one with yellow spots. I'll also include the yellow/green model listed on the Factory.

16 x 46 feet. Normally $1400. On sale for $900 each.

Gecko Stack

Here's some exciting news! We've just contracted to include a kite flying showcase at the US Open on September 10 and 11.

The US Open is the highest annually attended sporting event in the world with more than 625,000 fans. More than 86 million viewers watched the 2004 US Open on CBS Sports and USA Network, and international broadcasts reached 199 countries

Our kite plan is to provide a roving 'street theater' of kiters -- sort of indoor flying outdoors. Performers include Steve Santos, Archie Stewart, Shawn & Patty Tinkham, Scott Weider, Steve & Susan Letourneau, and Sue Moscowitz.

The program is being coordinated by the same folks who took kites to the Super Bowl -- Gomberg Kite Productions and Bradley Royce Productions. Jason Benedict of B/R will be coordinating onsite.

Meanwhile, Susie and I are off on another adventure. Thursday morning, we fly out for Seoul Korea. It's a short trip. If nothing goes wrong, we'll be back on the 6th. As always, we'll be checking email so let us know what you need and we'll put your name on it.

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