September 14, 2005
US Open Plus Three

Remember kites at the Super Bowl?? Well, we've just done one better.

The US Open is the highest annually attended sporting event in the world with more than 625,000 fans. More than 86 million viewers watched the 2004 US Open on CBS Sports and USA Network, and international broadcasts reached 199 countries. And this year, they had kites too!

Our plan was for a roving 'street theater' of kiters -- sort of indoor flying outdoors. Performers include Steve Santos, Archie Stewart, Shawn & Patty Tinkham, Scott Weider, Steve & Susan Letourneau, and Sue Moscowitz.

The program was coordinated by the same folks who took kites to the Super Bowl -- Gomberg Kite Productions and Bradley Royce Productions. Jason Benedict of B/R was our onsite coordinator.

This time, after selecting the crew and helping organize the program, I skipped the security and stayed home with Susan. I'm not much of an indoor flier anyway... All the reports of the show were very positive and we're proud of the team for providing such a professional program under potentially challenging conditions. I mean, how do you keep focused on your flying when Nicole Kidman strolls by??

Darn, maybe I should have gone....

US Open
US Open
US Open

Meanwhile, we have three new toys to share with you.

Sea Urchin Sea Urchin Sea Urchin

What happens when you put spikes on a bug?? We're calling it the Sea Urchin! Kinda fun, don't you think??

The Bugs and Urchins are designed with self-sealing wind flaps. Air enters through the pockets and when the bag is full, the pressure closes the opening. Smaller bugs stay inflated well in almost no wind at all. Check out all the sizes and prices on our Ground Bouncer pages. But I'll give you a hint, the two footers are $20 and the four footers $40.

The next new design -- the Mega Tube

Here is a huge tube tail. I mean really huge. At 200 feet long and 2.2 feet wide, this guy eats normal tubes for lunch!

Choose your favorite colors for any of our most popular tube designs -- Diamond, Snake, or Racing Stripe -- and ask us for a supersize. You get your choice of taffeta for $350 or ripstop for $400.

Mega Tubes need a solid lifter and moderate to fresh winds. This photo was taken in 4 mph with a Pilot 140.

Mega Tube??

Flying Shoe

Lastly we have something kinda weird. But then, maybe some of you are into this sort of thing.

Word is out that we're working on a Mrs. Meanie to go with the Blue Meanie. So we've been working on several different shoe styles for her and this is one of the options. Would it make a good piece of line laundry? Heck -- I don't know.

What I can tell you is that they are big -- about five feet from toe to heel. Try one out for $75 and let us know what you think.

Regular Update readers know the drill. When we bring out new designs, we offer a 20% discount for the first two weeks. So get out your calculators. Sale ends on the last day of September.

Check back next week when we unveil the coolest, neatest, most unusual collection of line spinners and laundry seen yet on the Gomberg pages. We have eight new designs from Rob Brasington of Tasmania and you'll get first shot at them here on the Update!!

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