September 19, 2005
New Brasington Spinners

What do you get with you combine the best high-tech materials, modern sport kite design technology, and a passion for spinning line laundry?? The answer is the newest series of accessories from Rob Brasington of Tasmania.

Rob unveiled the spinning collection in Long Beach last month and simply awed the local fliers. There are eight different pieces in a variety of styles, sizes, and performance. Each is made with ripstop nylon or polyester, carbon framing, and molded fittings.

Rob asked if we'd be interested in sharing the pieces with our friends and we jumped at the chance. So here is the deal -- we are taking orders now and will forward them to Australia on November 1. So pick a design and tell us your color preference too. We'll be planning for Holiday delivery. At that time, we'll also stock up on some supplies for Spring 2006. But you won't be able to order custom colors after we place the main order in November.

Wind Sabre

Wind Sabre:

Constant slow rotation. Two colors in each panel.

1.9M wide x 750mm high
(Roughly 6.23 ft wide x 2.4 ft high)

$140 each

Simple Twist of Fate

Simple Twist of Fate:

Medium speed rotation.

2.3M long x 600mm diameter
(Roughly 7.5 ft long x 2 ft wide)

$160 each

Wind Stiletto

Wind Stiletto:

Medium fast speed.

2.1M long x 850mm at wing tips.
(Roughly 6.9 ft long x 2.8 at wing tips)

$130 each

Wind Generator

Wind Generator:

Fast speed rotation.

1.35M high x 850mm at wing tips.
(Roughly 4.4 ft high x 2.8 ft at wing tips.)

$130 each

Wind Dagger

Wind Dagger:

Fast speed rotation.

1.15M in diametre x 670mm high.
(Roughly 3.8 fit wide x 2.2 ft high.)

$110 each

Wind Auger

Wind Auger:

Medium fast speed rotation.

1.5M high x 800 mm diamtre
(Roughly 5 ft high x 2.6 ft wide)

$110 each

Double Helix

Double Helix:

Medium speed rotation.

1.5 M high x 500mm diametre
(Roughly 5 ft high x 1.6 ft wide)

$80 each

Wind Rapier

Wind Rapier:

Medium speed rotation.

1.5M high x 650MM diametre.
(Roughly 5 ft high x 2.1 ft wide.)

$80 each

These are really the coolest pieces we've seen in a long time. So let us know which ones you can't live without. We'll get them ordered right up and hand-made by Rob himself for you.

Long Beach Show Long Beach Show Long Beach Show

We'll be closing the office next week as Susie and I travel to Ocean City for the AKA National Convention. Hope to see lots of you there. And yes, we'll have some special toys for our FlyMarket booth starting Thursday night.

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