September 24, 2005
Two More Additions Before AKA

We're off to Ocean City early tomorrow for the 28th annual AKA Convention. It should prove to be an exciting and busy week. I'll have a full report next weekend for you.

Meanwhile, we have two more showpieces to share with you fresh from our factory.

Rope Tube

Rope Tube:

This dynamic piece of line laundry is different from our other tubes in two important ways. First, the surface is textured so that each stripe bulges out from the surface like a piece of twisted hemp rope. The second distinction is that the whole thing slowly rotates.

Rope tubes come in any three-color combination. They measure 33 feet long and 18 inches wide at the mouth. It's a big piece of floating excitement for $110.

Patriotic Pilot

Patriotic Pilot:

Our newest Pilot Parafoil makes a bold patriotic presence. Stars and waving stripes fill the entire front sail. And notice that we've replaced the center keel with bridle lines so that the main image isn't inturrupted.

All our Pilots come in three sizes.

  • The Patriotic Pilot 1 is $250
    about 50 square feet (6.5x7 ft)
  • The Patriotic Pilot 2 is $325
    about 90 square feet (9x10 ft)
  • The Patriotic Pilot 3 is $525
    about 140 square feet (11.5x12 ft)

We'll be out of the office until next Sunday night, but we're still taking orders. Email us and reserve one of these two cool new pieces, and we'll take 20% off your bill through October 5. If you're coming to convention, we'll see you there! Five cases of great stuff are on the way to our FlyMarket booth! Travel safe!!

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