October 11, 2005
27th Lincoln City Fall Festival

I got my start in 'serious' kite flying nearly thirty years ago at the D River Wayside in Lincoln City. It was the very first kite festival there and I stumbled into the event with a couple of kites in the trunk of the car and a lot to learn.

Twenty-seven years later, the Lincoln City events are still going strong and drawing crowds to the Oregon beaches. This year, I found myself back on the microphone, describing kites, introducing fliers, and answering questions. It was a great flying weekend -- even if Mother Nature didn't cooperate 100%.

LC Beach

One of the attractions at this Wayside Park is the D River -- officially listed by Guinness as the shortest in the world. The River stretches from Devils Lake under the coastal highway and then spills out onto the beach. But when winter storms pile up the sand, the River takes a hard turn sideways and pools up right in front of the parking area.

Fly Like Barresi Fly Like Barresi Fly Like Barresi

We arrived Saturday morning to virtually still air and a glassy smooth surface on "Lake Lincoln". John Barresi took full advantage of the situation to test his stall, glide, and trick skills over the water.

Bol Racing

As the wind picked up, a full slate of activities unfolded in the main fields. We had shows of single line, quad-line, stack, trick, and multi-kite flying. We had bear drops, and bol races. We even brought in some of the giant kites and inflated them up close to the spectator wall.

Big Kites Big Kites Big Kites

All of the shows were good, but the highlight was Team Cutting Edge -- reigning world champions - who had returned to the scene of their June victory in the World Sport Kite Championships to reprise their winning routines. It was a fine Fall afternoon on the beach with sun glowing through a misty sky.

Team Demos

A special treat for Susan and I was waking up in our own bed on a Sunday morning. Lincoln City is only a few minutes from home so this was a rare 'local' event for us. We have a few more unscheduled weekends and then head off to North Carolina and Atlantic Beach at the end of the month.

Geometric Pyro Delta Sale! A the edge of the seawall, we popped up a pair of the new Frank Schwiemann Geometric Pyros. This is a great little show kite with a seven foot wingspan and 21 foot striped tails.

The list price on "Geos" is $70, but we're marking them down for the next ten days. These kites deserve to be flown and a cost savings may be all the added incentive you need.

Choose any of the three color combinations for $55 each and we'll get them right out to you. It's a neat kite.

Geometric Pyros

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