October 17, 2005
Kids Off the Field, Please!!!

Traveling to kite events around the country and the world is a great joy. But there is something to be said for waking in your own bed on a Sunday morning.

Susie and I have three weekends in a row scheduled at home. The weather in Oregon has turned moist and drippy. But the fire is warming the house, and we're hard at work on the 2006 catalog and new designs to fill it. I've also been continuing updates to the web page. Our newest addition can be found here. It looks simple but took many hours to sort out.

Meanwhile, here is a note I just received from Kevin and Linda Sanders down in South Australia where spring is looming and the wind is blowing warm....

We attended the annual kite day out in oodna-woop-woop yesterday. That's Aussie for "somewhere out in the country - where folk talk .... r-e-a-l ..... s-l-o-w!). We were given the town oval to fill up with our kites & stuff. We've been doing this now for 11 years but it's their 14th annual event, getting bigger every year.

Sadly, yesterday was a hottie. We're still coming out of winter so not really prepared for it. And there was virtually NO wind. Hmmm... Deciding to wander around in the hope of finding a BIT of a breeze, Kevin somehow attracted these characters!

Kids on the Field

Kevin was reminded of the time in Tasmania, when you and he took kites for walks...??!!! So, out came Spike - the kids' favourite part.

Kids on the Field

First it was Pied Piper time.... Then, tired of being chased, Spike appeared to gobble up the children!... Overall, Kevin had a blast. Funny, he can't stand kids, normally!....

Kids on the Field Kids on the Field

So here is my question for all of you. Do you prefer kids with two legs, or kids with four legs on your kite field?? Seems to me that the four leg variety are easier to handle when you grab them by the horns....

Geometric Pyro Delta Sale! This is a great little show kite with a seven foot wingspan and 21 foot striped tails.

The list price on "Geos" is $70, but we're marking them down for the next ten days. These kites deserve to be flown and a cost savings may be all the added incentive you need.

Choose any of the three color combinations for $55 each and we'll get them right out to you. It's a neat kite.

Sale continues to the end of October.

Geometric Pyros

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