July 17
So You Want To Be a Kite Flying Star...

Life must be wonderful -- jet setting around the globe, flying kites and having a ball. Not a care or worry in the world. And as they say, getting there is half the fun...


Following the festival in Newport, we connected to Providence Rhode Island for our return flight. It was a sparkling clear, sunny day. Not a cloud in the sky. So why was our flight delayed?? Seems there were tornado warnings in the Midwest, and the plane we wanted to take home was stuck in Chicago.

Flight Delays Waiting Line

Our friends at the Friendly Skies were most sympathetic. The poor woman was nearly in tears. But without a plane, she said we couldn't fly. United is funny about that...

We waited five hours for news. We checked to see if other airlines were flying. And finally, we bought a hotel room -- the cheapest we could find - for $160. Money well spent, I figured. Back in May, we spent the night on the floor at O'Hara (Chicago Airport). That was no fun at all... Bottom line: We got home 24 hours behind schedule and have been playing catch-up ever since.

(Note: airlines do not pay for hotels in weather related delays under rule 240. We know our airline rules.)

Concerned Attention Brothers in Pain

Then there is the thing about my foot. I told the story last week -- rokkaku related injury. Poor Pauly was the center of attention a month earlier in Wildwood. And now he won't even loan me his wheelchair.

Thank you for your cards and sympathy everyone. Please don't send flowers. Donations can be made in my name to the American Kitefliers Association Sprain and Swollen Fund. Click here for graphic photos.

So imagine our joy -- limping home a day late, many dollars short, with 350 pounds of gear, and a purple foot.

You think it is easy lugging all this stuff around from trip to trip?? The airlines have this thing they call "excess baggage". You have to be creative to avoid it! And yes, we need to bring clothing on these trips too!

Excess baggage Heavy Tags

I know -- whine, whine, whine! Truth be known, I had a ball in Newport. My foot only really hurt when Susie wanted to go shopping. But in an hour, I'm seeing my physical therapist again. He says I have a "significant soft tissue injury...

In ten days, I'm limping off to Berkeley. Hope to see you there!

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