December 3, 2005
Flying Home from ICAS

It is Saturday night and I'm in the air. I'm flying back to foggy, icy, cold Oregon from sunny, warm, blue skies in Orlando Florida where I've just finshed up a three day Trade Show with the International Council of Air Shows.

That's right -- it was an air show-show. And GKPI was there looking for bookings for the MegaFlag.

Giant Kite

Woo Hoo! The stuff on display would make your head spin!! And I was right there in the middle of it with a booth between the Blue Angles and the Flying Elvis's!!

ICAS Booths ICAS Booths ICAS Booths

We had precision jet groups, antique aircraft, parachuting teams, and more military brass than an Air Force Academy reunion.

ICAS Booths ICAS Booths ICAS Booths

We had pyrotechnic experts, smoke artists, and a pick-up truck with a jet engine welded to the back.

ICAS Booths ICAS Booths ICAS Booths

We had wing walking women, a robot that ate old cars, and Marilyn Monroe in a parachute.

ICAS Booths ICAS Booths ICAS Booths

We had acrobatic fliers. military re-enactors, and precision helicopter crews

ICAS Booths ICAS Booths ICAS Booths

And most important to me, we had organizers from a hundred different air shows around the country.

In a few hours I'll be back home. I've got about ten days and then we're off on Susie's Annual Surprise Birthday Trip. So we'll be out of the country and more difficult to reach from December 11-15. (As always, we will be checking email daily.) If you are thinking about something for the holidays, gimme a shout now and we'll get it going for you.

And if you know someone who might be interested in booking a really big kite show, have them call me before all the good dates are gone!

Super Sand Anchors

Got a really big kite?? We've got really big anchors for you now.

Super Sand Anchors are made from 16 square feet of heavy duty nylon, with super strong webbing straps. We include one of our large caribiners -- all for $25.

Try a Super Anchor out and let us know what you think. Between now and the end of the year, we'll take 20% off on a set of three.

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