December 10, 2005
Another Birthday Adventure

We'll be leaving early Sunday on Susie's annual Surprise Birthday Trip. It is a small family tradition. Each year I drop a stupid amount of frequent flier miles to take her somewhere special. Check back next week for a full report and photos.

We'll be gone until December 16 but as always, we'll plan to check email daily. So if you want something, don't be afraid to write and ask!

G-Kite Catalog

Meanwhile, here is a treat for all of you!

We've just finished up our 2006 G-Kites catalog. So feel free to download and review a copy!

You'll see some familiar and some other new designs here. Please note that the newest kites and accessories are planned for March distribution. So you can't order yet. But you can start planning or lobbying your local stores.

Click here to Download the G-Kite Catalog (20 page Acrobat file)

Ice Screws

Ice Screws Sure, flying on a frozen lake in sub-zero temperature is crazy. But we do it anyway. And when we do, anchoring is even tougher than usual.

Ice screws carry a surprisingly heavy load. These are precision milled steel fitted with a "coffee-grinder" handle for easy turning. We stock the 17 centimeters model -- about 7 inches -- for $34 each.

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