December 26, 2005
Happy Everything!

Happy Everything!
Image courtesey of Jim Martin

Kite fliers don't need much excuse to celebrate.

Here at Gomberg Kites World Headquarters, the skies are dark and gloomy. The rain comes down in sheets and the wind is noisily re-arranging the wooden deck furniture each night. But inside, the fire is crackling, and Susie is wearing a huge smile. All of the year-end / year-beginning holidays seem to have converged in one cheery week!

The Kite Trade Convention is scheduled early next year. We're flying out on January 4th which means catalogs, price lists, booth display, sample products, and a thousand other details need to be completed now. And it is no secret that the Trade is facing some hard questions about our future. I've been asked to participate in some 'strategic discussions' about KTA and the kite industry. So check back in a couple of weeks and I'll do my best to fill you in on where we seem to be going.

Meanwhile, here is a peek at one of the new products we're introducing next year.

Large flags are hard to find and harder to afford. We checked online and found prices for a flag, 15 x 25 feet, ranging from $440 to $598. The problem is that they all are made from heavy nylon or canvas and can't be lifted by a kite.

GKPI is testing an all-ripstop flag for kite applications. The stripes and stars are sewn -- not screen printed. And the entire package weighs in at just four pounds. We plan to list the Flag at $400 retail.

USA Flag

Care to be one of our Beta-Testers? We'll take 20% off the first ten flags sold. That means a final price of $320. All we ask is that you give us some feedback after you fly it.

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