January 2, 2006
Six Years and Counting...

The year was 1999. Bill Clinton was in the White House and Monica Lewinski owned a blue dress. We were shocked by shootings in Columbine, the war in Kosovo, and JFK Jr's tragic death. Brittany Spears and Ricky Martin burst onto the music scene. The Blair Witch Project and Pokémon were big at the box office. Michael Jordan retired from the Bulls. We all braced for the Y2K Bug to destroy civilization. And GKPI put the Weekly Update online.

Hard to believe, isn't it. Over 300 of these reports now cover over a million miles of travel, 250 festivals, fifty dozen photos of Susie, and about 2000 exclamation points. We've got parties in China, singing in Spain, kite disasters in France, and toilets from every corner of the planet. You have suffered through my editorials and commentary, shared the exhilaration of launching the World's Largest Kite, and then joined us for the drudgery of painting the deck. And each week, whether composed at my desk in Oregon, hotel rooms in Turkey, or airline seats at 35,000 feet, we keep on bringing you news of the kite world and our adventures in it.

GKPI was Blogging before there was a word for blogging.

I continue to be amazed at the friends around the world, fliers, and often total strangers who log in each week. As a new year begins, we thank you for regularly checking back. We plan to keep right on going.

Susie and I are off to the Kite Trade Convention on Wednesday and will provide photos, news and information on new products and the state of the kite industry next week. See you out there somewhere!!

Y2K Great Wall Kites on Ice Porta Kiter MegaFlag

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