July 24
New Martin Lester Flying Man

There is a new guy in the neighborhood! He's cool, classic, and has one of those sexy English accents.

It's Albert Ross, the Flying Man, by well known British kitemaker Martin Lester. (Albert Ross -- Albatross -- get it??).

This kite is so new we haven't even put it up in the sky yet. It arrived yesterday and we rolled it out in the den and started to laugh. We can just imagine how Albert will dominate a skyline.

Albert Ross

Albert Ross

"Albert" is the same size as Martin's Scuba Man, 14 feet long and a surprisingly stable flier. We have one in stock now but will be getting more.

Oh yes, and he is numbered #3 of the series. Do you want the first in the USA?? Your cost is $300.

GKPI now carries all the flying creations and "body parts" by Martin Lester. Check him out in our KiteMaster's Guild.

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