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January 16, 2006
Oregon Kitemakers Retreat

Oregon has turned ugly. The rain is unrelenting and the winds are cold. What is a kiter to do??

The answer is to gather with other kiters for warm friendship and the exchange of bright ideas to ward off the gloomy weather.

OKR Weekend OKR Weekend OKR Weekend

Each January, enthusiasts from around the region gather at the Twin Rocks Friends Camp in Rockaway for an intense program of projects and instruction. We usually miss the program because it conflicts with KTA. But the Trade Show was early this year, so the day after we got back from Florida, we braved the downpour and drove an hour up the Coast.

Presenters this year included Ron Gibian, Barbara Meyer, Scott Hampton, Charlie Sotich, Barry Poulter, and special guest Ralph Maserski from Germany. The program ran Friday through Sunda with a $175 registration fee covering lodging, meals, and all classes.

OKR Weekend OKR Weekend OKR Weekend

If you are interesting in honing your skills, or just meeting a fun bunch of kiters, a retreat is the way to go. They are held around the country from Fort Worden in Washington, to Junction Texas, to the Maryland Kite Retreat near Washington DC, to the MidWest Kite Retreat in Oregon Illinois (not a typo). Even the Bay Area Sport Kite League holds winter kitemaking programs.

OKR Weekend OKR Weekend OKR Weekend

After a short visit, we left the kitemakers to their work. The weather broke for a spectacular sunset drive home along the beach. But it is back to pounding us again now.

Annual Trade Show Sample Sale!

Now that we're back from Clearwater, we're sorting out all the product we put on display. Some were flown once once on the demo fields, some were pinned up in our booth, and some were never removed from their bags. All are available in the Factory Outlet and on sale now for 40% off the list price.

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