January 23, 2006
WindFeather Factory Tour

After finishing up the Trade Show in Clearwater, Susie and I stopped by to visit our friends and business associates, the Lisks up in Pensacola. For five years now, GKPI has been partnering with WindFeather. We love the product and like working with another small, family operated business committed to quality, innovation, service, and putting fun in the air.

Windfeather Plant Windfeather Plant Windfeather Plant

WindFeather is enjoying the benefits of a large new facility. They have added workspace, a design studio, a separate room for printing and cutting, more storage, and room to expand. When 10,000 feet of fabric shows up, they have a place to put it. And the new cutting tables have allowed production to increase, which reduces waiting time on custom orders.

Windfeather Assembly Windfeather Assembly Windfeather Assembly Windfeather Assembly Windfeather Assembly Windfeather Assembly

The full process is amazing to watch. Designs are finalizinded on the computer and transferred to the laser cutter. Like a large jig-saw puzzle, the pieces are assembled and hot-tacked in place. Then the sections are appliquéd together into 16 foot feather banners.

Windfeather Plant

Results are spectacular.

We now have about fifty different stock designs available on our Banner Pages .

All are supported by the RingMaster pole – designed specifically for banners with reinforced connections, a double-walled bottom section, special ‘no puncture’ tip, and a metal base cap.

So what’s next?

Well, don’t tell anyone, but WindFeather is working on a super-secret super-size pole that will allow for a major impact on the field. We’re looking at 45 and even 65 foot sizes.

The are ready to go but we still need to find a cost-effective way to anchor them.

Stay tuned for news. As they come onto the market, we'll make sure announcements are here in the Update first!

Windfeather Plant

Windfeather Sale! If you are looking to spice-up your base camp or make sure your display stays intact even when the wind drops off, now is the time to act. Between now and the end of January, 2006, we're marking down all our stock designs by 20%. Check out our Banner Pages for a full menu and then give us a call!

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