February 6, 2006
Two More New Arrivals

Last week we showed you our new Marine Tropicals from Robert vanWeers. We also unveiled the AirForm 60 and offered you an "earlybird discount" if you ordered before Valentines Day. But Susie can never get enough of Valentine’s Day, so lets add two more kites to the introductory sale.

Spikey Fish Spikey Fish Spikey Fish

We call him Spikey Fish He's 12 feet in diameter which is plenty big enough to draw attention. Bounce him on the ground or use a lifter to get him up out of reach. We'll make any color combination you like for $499.

Our second new offering this week is a "super size" variant of the Star Foil. He's another crowd pleasing attraction that measures 13 feet across and comes with two long tube tails.

Again, you get to choose the colors. We'll even make you one without the face if you really want it that way.

Big Stars are designed by Rolf Zimmerman of Germany and priced to fly at $450 each.

Big Star

So that is the newest kite news. Order a Spikey Fish, a Giant Star, or a Tropical Fish or Airform from last week. We'll take off 20% if we hear from you before Valentine's Day.

The weather has finally blown itself out here on the Oregon Coast and we have blue skies, moderate temperatures, and fine winds. The tides are extreme which means lots of beach space if you time it right. We might even go down and air a few things out tomorrow.

We've got one more weekend at home and then travel season starts with a quick trip to Guam. We'll be out on the 15th and back on the 22nd. Counting this one, we have five overseas trips before the beginning of May. So there should be plenty of good Update reading ahead. Be sure and check back!

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