February 13, 2006
A Lesser Kiter...

The call came in on Wednesday.

“We’re filming a promotional piece on Lincoln City and were told you could come down and fly kites for us.”



I quickly pulled up the tide and wind reports for the central coast. High tide was coming in. Winds were projected at 30 mph and from the East. That means they would tumble through the trees, over the hotels, across the cliffs, and down onto a narrow strip of sand. If I could get anything up, it would be flying out over the water.

“What does the job pay”, I asked.

Get paid for flying kites?? They had never heard such a thing!! I told them that we do kite shows for a living and that we normally charge commercial projects $100 an hour including a hour for set-up and an hour for take-down.

Difficult Octo Launch Difficult Octo Launch

I told them that we’ve done the Super Bowl, the US Open, Disney World and films. I also told them that I’d be happy to waive any fees to help the local community, but that notice was a bit short and conditions were going to be very tough.

(BTW - We never charge kite stores, festivals, or clubs.)

The spot they selected was the most difficult on our seven miles of beaches. A large resort hotel which starts at ground level on the ninth floor, and then stretches down the cliff so you can access the beach on the first floor.

Winds were blowing hard in the parking lot. I carried four bags into the elevator and out onto the sand. Two hundred yards offshore, spray was kicking up of the whitecaps But there in the shadow of the hotel and cliffs, I found that there was virtually no wind at all!.

Occasional gusts of turbulence turned under and blew back toward the hotel.

It wasn’t easy by I eventually eased an octopus off the ground in the back-wash and danced the tentacles along the hotel balconies. Residents loved the show and the camera caught everything. Not a trick I’d normally recommend.

A lesser kite flier couldn’t have done it…. ;)

Difficult Octo Launch Difficult Octo Launch

Wednesday morning, Susie and I are off on a trip that will take us about as far as you can go and still be in a US Territory. We’re flying to Japan and then connecting to Guam for the Second Kites and Wishes Festival.

Check back next week for news and photos.

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