Long Dragon
March 23, 2006
Giant Dragon Kites

We've had a number of calls looking for some really large Dragon Kites. No one seems to be making anything larger than 100 feet.

Last week we test flew a prototype. It performed well, but the appearance seemed to lack ... pizzazz.

The challenge, of course, is to come up with an interesting design. You see, GKPI doesn't have a bunch of wonderful graphic artists on staff to sketch stuff out for us. That helps keep costs down. Instead, we have people like you full of great ideas!

Design us a Dragon that makes us tingle, and we'll give you the very first one!

We're not looking for super-fancy graphics. More detail means more money. But we would like an image bold, interesting, and tasteful.

  • Maybe make changes in the coloring on the striped section of the tail or with the relative sizes of the colored sections.
  • Maybe use one long solid colored tail with a dark outline.
  • Maybe design the tail in a transition-tail form.

Send us some images! Let's see what you come up with! We'll even provide a simple template here. We'll post a few results and see what readers think.

Tomorrow afternoon, performers begin to arrive in town for the Lincoln City Indoor Kite Festival. The schedule includes teaching and practice sessions, demonstrations, competition, and an evening grand performance on both Friday and Saturday. I'm judging in the afternoons and watching in the evenings. Check back next week for a full report.

Jellyfish Sale: Between now and April 7th, we're marking down our most popular spinning drogue! Order a Jelly in your choice of colors and we'll take off 20%!

  • 15 feet - $85 - now $72
  • 28 feet - $150 - now $120
  • 40 feet - $225 - now $180
  • 65 feet - $500 - now $400
  • Custom designs are made-to-order and take about two weeks.


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