March 27, 2006
A Complete Kite Fest -- All Under One Roof!

Indoor kite flying .. who-da thought.

Back in the early 90’s a fellow named Dave Brittain invited me to come to Portland and ‘officially witness’ his attempts to set an indoor flying record. He’s stripped his Revolution down and framed it in ultra-lightweight carbon. His goal was to fly in a gymnasium for four straight hours, walking in large backward circles. It was one of the most boring things I’d ever seen. But Dave sparked a new kiting sport that day. He went on to perform around the world and specialty kite designers went on to produce ultra-efficient kites designed to fly in no wind.

Indoor Kite Show Indoor Kite Show Indoor Kite Show Indoor Kite Show

Fifteen years later, many events add an indoor component to their festivals. And there are plenty of workshops and indoor flying competitions with rules administered by the AKA. But here in Lincoln City, organizers have taken the application one step further and created an entire indoor festival.

Indoor Kite Show Indoor Kite Show Indoor Kite Show Indoor Kite Show

Over the course of three days, there are workshops, demonstrations, teaching programs, children’s events, and a ranked competition. (They let me judge!) Several championship performers are sponsored to attend and contribute to the program. The highlight of the gathering is a fully choreographed show organized Lee and Debbie Park and featuring most of the attending fliers. The hour-long themed exhibition is presented once each day is complete with music, lighting, gymnastics, smoke, and a decorated background.

Indoor Kite Show Indoor Kite Show Indoor Kite Show
Performers included Lee and Debbie Park of California, Penny Lingenfelter of Washington, Wayne Turner of Washington, Lam Hoac of Toronto, John Barresi of Oregon, Alan Cunningham of Oregon, Egan Davis of British Columbia, Scott Weider of Rhode Island, and Jeff Reed of Washington. Bob Wendt was the festival announcer.
Indoor Kite Show

I was impressed with the number of spectators. Several hundred joined us each day which means easily 1000 attended over the three days program. And stories in the local and statewide papers helped spread the news about indoor kiteflying. Job well done, everyone!

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