April 3, 2006
50 Dragon Kite Designs

Two weeks ago, we invited all you closet kite desigers to submit suggestions for a new Giant Dragon we wanted to produce. And Wow! Look at what we got back!!

Over fifty illustrations came pouring back in to the GKPI offices.

We obviously can't make all of these great kites. Some would not be practical to manufacture, and some may have very limited markets. But all are very much appreciated.

We'd like to know what you think so we've developed some short polls to survey your interest. Unfortunately, the polling software only allows five choices, so we apologize if your favorites are left out.

Dragon Designs

The actual kites are planned for five feet wide and 150 feet long. We'll include tabs so you can attach ribbons or stremers to the base of the top section.

Dragon Designs

Proposal were sent in three different formats. We've tried to group them randomly for you here. Remember that you can click on any image for a larger view.

Dragon Designs

We are really interested in your feedback. But the voting results will not determine the final winner. At the end of the process, Susie and and I will pick the actual winners. If we choose to make any of these great designs, the designer will receive the first kite back from the factory.

Dragon Designs

On Thursday, I head out to France for the festival in Berck and the World Sport Kite Championships. I'll follow-up almost immediately with a trip to Weifang China and then Weymouth England. It's a great schedule but also a bit intense. The good news for you is that the Updates should be incredible!

While I'm on the road, GKPI will be short-staffed. So sending emails will get you a quicker response than phone calls.

We're here to help you -- wherever we are in the world.

Mini Octopus

Octopus Sale:Inflatable Octopi are Peter Lynn's long-term best selling single-line kites. We have yellow, teal, and red ones on the shelf -- two of each. While supples last, we'll take 20% off the list price

They are remarkably stable in five to twenty m.p.h. of wind and remain manageable and easy to fly. The Octopus measures 20 feet in length and always generate smiles. Choose your color for just $400 - less 20% is $320. Limited to inventory on hand.

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