May 10, 2006
Advanced Sticked Kites

Regular readers know that our Show-Kite products are all made to order. We receive a delivery from the Factory each week with custom colors and special requests. Production usually takes about ten days. That means from the time you order a personal kite, until the time we make it and send it to you is just two weeks. Pretty remarkable! Heck -- we don't get garbage service here that often!!

Our 'stock" G-Kites designs are made in larger quantity to reduce costs. They actually come from a different Factory. We take delivery three times and year and when the freight truck arrives, it is a major event! Hundreds of boxes need to be checked, sorted, and arranged in the warehouse. A new shipment arrived last week and plenty of new kites are now on the way to anxious store owners.

Here's a look at a couple of our new pieces. We took them down to the beach yesterday with winds blowing 12-15 mph. That's the upper end of suggested conditions for these kites but they each performed well and looked super!



Here's a big kite that offers exceptional stability, a high flight angle, and great light-wind performance.

The Do-Pe-Ro was designed by Ralf Beutnagel and stands for Double Pearson Roller. It measures six feet tall and nine feet wide

Add tails for effect, or use a Dopero to lift camera equipment high overhead. The Dopero flies nailed to the sky.

Available in red, yellow, or purple with black accents for $199. Fly on 150-250 pound line in 5-15 mph of wind.



The Marconi will dance at the end of your string with so little pull, you'll have to check to make sure it is still there!

Kite historians know that Marconi invented the radio before anyone made radio towers. So he used a kite to lift an antenna for the first Trans-Atlantic broadcast. But Marconi's kite looked nothing like this!



Our futuristic flying design measures four feet wide and tall. It is constructed with tough ripstop fabric and a carbon frame. Fly with a matching Transition Tail, or feed it line like a fighter. The built-in stabilizing keel will keep your Marconi from spinning, but you can still maneuver it nicely.

Available in red, yellow, or purple with black acents for $48. Fly on 50 pound line in 5-20 mph of wind.

Shannon Roller

Shannon Roller:

Rollers are excellent fliers. They handle like a rokkaku, but have the added stability of a keeled delta. The result is lift, performance, and dependability.

Kevin Shannon developed this dramatic Roller design with a bold, original profile. You can still buy one made by him for $150. Or you can get the licensed production model for $90.

The kite measures five feet tall and four wide. It is framed in fiberglass with a simple, molded dihedral fitting to extend the wings. The lower section has a framed keel and support lines.

Available in red, yellow, or purple combinations with black accents. Fly on 100-150 pound line in 5-15 mph of wind.

Shannon Roller

Now, as long as we're looking at some of the more fancy sticked kites, let me remind you of two others we have here.

Extend Wing Cody War Kite: This is absolutely the finest Cody Kite on the commercial market. Originally made in Germany, these stunning kites by Lutz Treczoks are now produced in our Asian factories. The quality is the same but the price is substantially lower.

Cody Kites

The extended wing War Kite with a top sail is the premier kite of its genre.

As the name suggests, the wings are longer and the added third "deck" provides more stability as well as an opportunity to use a contrasting sail color.

Carbon framed with vertical tensioners and multiple support lines, each kite is 102 inches wide and 47 tall.

GKPI has five exclusive color choices available -- priced at $215 each.
  • Red with Black topsail
  • Yellow with Black topsail
  • Blue with Black topsail
  • Purple with Black topsail
  • Black with Red topsail

Wilson Wing - a GKPI Exclusive:

Eric Wilson's "TetraFoil Flier" was the rave at Long Beach last year. He won top prizes for design as well as People's Choice. So we were delighted when he asked us to make a production model of the same kite.

We've re-named the kite the Wilson Wing and crafted it from durable ripstop and carbon framing.

The price? Just $90.

Wilson Wing

Each Wilson is nine feet wide and about five tall. Adjustable lines from the body support the wing on a rigid spreader. You tune by adjusting the wing with a unique tension system built into the fuselage. And at the end of the day, the kite breaks down into a five foot bag.

Wilson Wing Wilson Wing Wilson Wing

We've made eleven different color combinations to suit any mood. Click here to see the color options.

  • A- Signature: black - white - red
  • B - Tsunami: black - blue - violet
  • C - Lightening: black - black - gold
  • D - Storm: black - black - purple
  • E - Sea Foam: black - blue - light blue
  • F - Golden Eagle: black - gold - black
  • G - Inspiration: black - blue - black
  • H - Eye-Liner: black - purple - white
  • I - Spandex: black - teal - white
  • J - Slot Machine: black - gold - white
  • K - Fireworks: blue - white - red
  • Secret Update Sale : Order a Cody or Wilson Wing between now and May 20, and we'll drop the price 20%. Just remember to ask for the "Update Only Price".

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