May 24, 2006
One-Out-of-Two in Grand Haven

Saturday was just about perfect in Grand Haven.

Cloudless blue sky. Not too warm - not too cold. Smooth winds coming in straight off Lake Michigan, starting light in the morning and building to an ideal 8 mph in the afternoon.

From the beginning, it looked like a fine flying day. We gathered early to dig-in our sand anchors and began to fill the sky with fabric.

GH Field

Grand Haven is divided into four flying arenas. There is the main demonstration field next to the Mackinaw Sales Tent where sport kiters perform. There is the fighter kite field. South of the demo field is an open flying area. And to the north, we set up the bigger show kites. I suppose you could count the Friday night indoor show and say they actually have five arenas...

Big Kites Big Kites Big Kites

On the Show Field, Bob and Heidi Rymaszewski, Al Sparling, Daryl Waters, Todd Vest, and Jeff Hale lofted the bigger pieces of fabric along side Susie and myself. Big fish, bears, a trilobite, cat, and the new dog were most evident. On the day before, Al had made the news with his Giant Octopus (Which I hear is for sale!). With more room, we could have set more anchors and added to the spectacle.

Kites of GH Kites of GH Kites of GH

And of course, there was no lack of bouncers, spinners, and banners to fill in the big picture. Jeff Hale's 'wall' of 31 banners created a dramatic backdrop to the field that was being photographed constantly.

With four big kites in the air, Susie and I didn't leave the Show Field often. But announcers downwind kept up appraised of the demonstrations and events swirling around us.

Kites of GH Kites of GH Kites of GH

By late afternoon, a high cloud layer moved in and the breezes began to build. We pulled down kites as the crowd thinned and stuffed them into bags. An hour later, the drizzle started. By then we were showered, dressed, and headed for a gathering at the home of organizers Steve and Lynn Negen.

It rained through the night and blew like stink all day Sunday. Where there had been thousands of spectators the day before, fields were now deserted. We left the kites in their bags and went for a long lunch. One good day and one bad one. One-out-of-two is acceptible when the one is that good!

I'm back in Oregon now for two busy days and then headed for the Jersey Shore for Wildwood. I hear the warm mid-west weather is just arriving there. Should be another big show. Then the first part of June we plan on Ocean Shores Washington. See you out there!!

Dog Days

Dog Days Sale! We've got a new puppy in the garage.

Well actually, we have a puppy, a cat, a couple of fish, a manta ray and an octopus. So the garage is a bit crowded

These giant kites normally sell for $4200. They have been flown a couple of times but not really a lot. Each is undamaged and ready for a bunch more air time.

Let's have some fun and mark them down. Buy a used giant between now and June 15, and we'll take off $500. This fun offer is limited to inventory on hand.

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