August 8
New Products and a Good Sale

For the past few weeks, we've been working on something we call the Giant Spikey Bouncer. Yes -- It sounds like a Fugu, except that they cost $3500 and this new piece is only $999.

We are still working on the design. Click here for a short movie and let us know what do you think??

Big Spikey Bouncer Big Spikey Bouncer

And we have another new product too! It is a giant version of our popular Melon Tube except that it is 50 feet long. Can't decide what to call it -- the Giant Melon -- or Water Melon. What do you think?

Melon Tubes Melon Detail

We just received the prototype. This is the very first piece and we are anxious to try it out. We have it retail priced at $250. And yes, we can make any colors you want.

Now about those specials...

Check our Factory Page and you will see we have Beach Balls on sale -- two for $55. But if you mention the Update, we'll take another 10% off.

And we still have a brand new mid-sized Peter Lynn Octopus. The normal price on this beauty is $1750. Order it from the Update, we'll take $200 off.

That's all for now. We'll be flying here in Oregon for a few weeks, and then up to Long Beach. After that, Bristol and Dieppe. See you out there somewhere!

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