June 5, 2006
A Bonus Day in Ocean Shores

Saturday was a ‘bonus day’. The forecast on the Washington Coast was for rain and by Friday, phones were buzzing about who was staying home and who was waiting for more news. But when the sun broke through that evening, we packed the car and set the alarm for an early morning drive five hours north.

Ocean Shores is a fine flying destination. The beach is wide and cars are allowed to drive onto the hard-packed sand. The June festival there is one of the four or five largest in Oregon/Washington.

Hanging and Wating Hanging and Wating Hanging and Wating

Now I’m not going to say that there wasn’t enough wind. What I will say is that losts of good folks were making themselves comfortable around lunchtime, swapping stories, napping and waiting for better breezes.

Hanging and Wating Hanging and Wating Hanging and Wating

For those of us used to traveling to events in an airplane, a car trip is a luxury. We just fill up the van with whatever we might need. For me it is a process. But for many of the Washington fliers, it is an art form. Dedicated trailers and RV’s arrived stuffed with gear for any contingency and a bit of extra room for the beer cooler.

Rolling Kite Bag Rolling Kite Bag Rolling Kite Bag Rolling Kite Bag

Just up the beach, sport kite events were underway with a healthy vicice class, new events, and a larger group of competitors than ween at Wildwood the week before.

And by mid-afternoon, the wind did indeed turn around and blow in off the water. Temperatures dropped and kites rose. And we had a fine show in the air!

OC Sky OC Sky OC Sky OC Sky OC Sky

Saturday night, an informal dinner gathering offered a chance for fliers to applaud event winners and thank the organizers from Cutting Edge kites. Then we retired to wait and see what the morning would bring.

Rain on the roof around midnight was a hint.

Sunday dawned dark, overcast, and cold. We stayed in the car at the edge of the flying field and watched the sand blow. Sport kiters were finishing events under demanding conditions. On the show field, the sky was empty. Around noon, I pointed the van south and headed home.

Still, Saturday had been a bonus day.

Ribbon 15

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