June 12, 2006
Closed for the Duration

GKPI is open every day of the year. No matter if it is Christmas, Yom Kippur or Rammadan, we make an effort to answer the phone, return messages or respond to emails wherever we are in the world. The only exception is Susie's birthday, or my own.

Friday we were closed....

BD Greeting Image courtesey of T Lowther..

Bubble Tubes with Pilot 75

Line Art Sale: One week only! From now until June 20, we'll take 20% off any purchase from our Line Art Pages for Update readers.

Choose Bubble Tubes, Pillows, Spikey Balls or any of our other most popular, weird and fun line art. All you have to do is mention the sale to get the special Update deal!

Now is the time to load up. But the offer is only good to Update readers and only available until June 20, 2006.

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