July 5, 2006
A Weekend at Home

Susie and I are fortunate that most weekends, we're off to some exciting, fun-filled, exotic destination to fly kites. But some times you just need to stay home and paint the deck furniture.

Weekend Project

The Gombergs had a fine 4th. We enjoyed lunch with Susie's mom, and then beat the beach traffic back home just before highway 101 turned into a holiday parking lot. At dusk we climbed into the hot tub and watched fireworks over the lake and beach in the distance.

Hope your celebration was just as relaxed and satisfying.

Tube Tail Sale!

Here your chance for a good deal on a big inflatable tube!

Between now and July 15, we'll take 20% off your cost on any tube tail purchase of 75 feet or longer. Order Snake Tails, Space Socks, Transition Tubes, or Diamond Tubes. A complete selection can be found on our Tube Pages.

You choose the size and colors, we'll make them up for you and cut 20% -- from the price, not the tail!

Mega Tube??

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