July 24, 2006
Giant Kite Sale

If you have ever considered stepping up to the "Big Ones", now is the time to do it. We’ve just been informed that Peter Lynn Ltd. has several used kites available at super mark-down prices.

Larger kites from Peter normally sell for between $4200 and $4900. The savings on these used models is 20-25%. Combined with the best exchange rate in years this means good process on large kites with plenty of life left in them

PL Kite Sale! PL Kite Sale! PL Kite Sale! PL Kite Sale!

Here's what we have:

  • Panda Bear: NZ$4375 -- US$2723 -- Black and White
  • Cat: NZ$4300 -- US$2676 -- Black and White (USA) - See Photo
  • Trilobite: N$4300 -- US$2676 -- Rainbow
  • Maxi Fish: NZ$5350 -- US$3330 -- Rainbow - See Photo
  • Maxi Manta Ray: NZ$5350 -- US$3330 -- Rainbow - See Photo
  • Octopus NZ$5100 -- US$3180 -- Purple/Blue
  • Super Octopus: NZ$6800 -- US$4233 -- Orange Red
  • Kimono Girl: NZ$4500 -- US$2801 -- See Photo
  • Bavarian Bear: NZ$5400 -- US$3361 -- See Photo
  • Three Beauties (flag foil): NZ$4350 -- US$2708 -- See Photo
  • PLT Box: NZ$5350 -- US$3331 -- See Photo
  • Gecko: NZ4650 -- US2892 -- Aqua USA - See Photo
  • Octopus: NZ4900 -- US3048 -- Black USA - See Photo

    PL Kite Sale! PL Kite Sale! PL Kite Sale! PL Kite Sale!

    These kites are used. They are in fine physical condition, but may be soiled. We will ship direct to you. Some are in New Zealand, some in Europe, and some in the USA. Your cost is the same as you would pay Peter for a used piece, plus shipping, plus 3% if you pay with a credit card.

Please Note Starting September 7, we'll be leading a kite team to Dieppe France and then on to South Africa. We'll return around the 23rd. That means there will be no shipping from the GKPI headquarters for two weeks. If you need something, please help us help you by ordering early. Thanks!

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